Clean Energy Members 

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 Algae Grow and Harvest Technology 
AGHT is an early-stage technology development and commercialization venture. AGHT's game changing algae culture enhancements, technologies, and products allow for the intense production of algae for food, fuel, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals in any geographic location.
Biomass Technologies Inc.
Biomass Technologies Inc. enhances forest and agricultural biomass residues utilizing proprietary technology to produce "Engineered Soil Amendment Products" for multi-purpose applications.
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Emergent Waste Solutions

Converts waste into useful products using an advanced pyrolysis process. Our society is facing a sustainability challenge and there is an acute need for a radically new solution to waste management. Rather than hiding, burning, or recycling, EWS converts waste into useful products that reduce the need for fossil fuels and generate real profits.
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Ever Green Ecological Services

Whether you call it garbage, trash, waste, or refuse, Ever Green has what you need.  There are three waste streams of waste and we handle them all.

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Grow the Energy Circle Ltd.
GrowTEC together with Perry Quest Lit. and Perry Produce Ltd. operates more than 4,000 acres of prime irrigated land in Southern Alberta, producing approximately 1,200 acres of Potatoes for Frito Lay and McCain Foods.
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Grant MacEwan University
With state-of-the-art instrumentation and experienced faculty, Grant MacEwan University can offer access to research funding, method development, and consultation, fast turn-around times and reliable results and analyses.
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Growing Power Hairy Hill LP
Growing Power Hairy Hill LP is developing Canada's most efficient bioFuels production facility using the proprietary technology patented by Highmark Renewables Research. The Integrated bioRefinery™ processes numerous raw biomass products into high-value bioProducts such as fuel ethanol, 'green' power, and bioFertilizer. The unique process allows the production of high-value bioProducts to be carried out with very little energy input, and zero waste generation.
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Himark bioGas Inc
Himark bioGas Inc develops and licenses IMUS™ anaerobic digestion technology capable of processing large volumes of heterogeneous waste, even bio-hazardous waste, for conversion into methane-rich bioGas and other valuable bioProducts.
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Symbiotic EnviroTek Inc.
Symbiotic EnviroTek Inc. is a Calgary, Alberta,  based firm focused on commercializing proprietary photo-bioreactor (PBR) technology to produce biofuel feedstock from microalgae. Symbiotic's modular algae growth technology boasts the adaptability to grow algae in moderate or extreme heat/cold climate condition, and is capable of growing algae phototrophically, heterotrophically, or mixatrophically.
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Titan Clean Energy Projects Corp.

Titan Clean Energy Projects develops ways to produce a source of clean energy and carbon-smart products. Titan focuses on bio-recycling, turning underutilized biomass into value-added products such as heating briquettes, absorbents, compost, biochar and syngas. Titan's projects deliver clean biomass energy, fuels, and bio-products to the Canadian marketplace.

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