BioWaste to Energy for Canada
An Integration Initiative

Biowaste to Energy for Canada Integration Initiative (BECii) Corp. is an industry led, industry-focused initiative building a commercial-scale Integrated Bio-Refinery™ based on a waste-to-profit strategy.

Located in rural Hairy Hill, Alberta, our integrated technology cluster consists of a biogas power plant producing 2.5 MW of green electricity, a 40M liters per year ethanol production facility, and an integrated waste-to-product algal technology.

Our Integrated bio-Refinery™ is an example of an effective waste management strategy, processing over 260 tons of manure and municipal source separated organics (SSO) waste daily from surrounding municipalities and commercial feedlot operation.

What's New

BECii is pleased to receive Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (CAAP) funding for a feasibility study looking at the integration of a commercial greenhouse with other bioenergy generating technologies.

Here is a link to the WHITE PAPER.

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